black tie sushi

The first time I had sushi I was still omnivorous, and I can't say I enjoyed all the pieces I had. Squid was very chewy while tuna was delicious. I recall the first time making sushi myself as well. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't photograph yet. Couple of years after these first experiences I got the taste when I made sushi with my friends, and gradually learned more about the gentle art of wrapping maki, mixing vinegar to perfectly steamed rice and decorating with fresh herbs.
With Q the progress of vegan sushis continued, we experimented with new ingredients such as strawberries and apples, and her decorating skills were really something I hadn't seen anywhere before. These pictures are from April when we had a culture-filled weekend with emphasis on Japan. We visited Annantalo Arts Centre's Japanese day and an exhibition "Daughters of Sun Goddes-Japanese Feminity" in Sinebrychoff Art Museum.

We had some difficulties to find a wine that would go with both sushi and asparagus, but luckily Black Tie was suitable for the challenging mix of sour flavors.

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  1. Thank you darling, I really appreciate that compliment coming from you.

    Talking about skills and talent, you really are from somewhere out of this world. I think I'll never fully understand how a person can be as talented as you are in such many ways.

    You are my source of inspiration now and forever.

  2. Oh wow, your sushi looks so pretty! After my previous sushi making attempt I bought a book called 'Vegetarian sushi' which is really inspirational and full of beautiful photos.


  3. Q: Thank you dear.

    Elina: Thank you! Beautiful sushi requires errors and so much practice...the first sushi I made was plain awful. Fortunately there's some really good books on the market, with modern and fresh stuff and good pictures!