blueberry tartelettes

Forests oozing berries, an hour or two and you can make pie for a week.
I made some small tartelettes using basic pate sucre, instead of eggs I just mixed in some soy yogurt. After baking tartelette shells were filled with almond paste and fresh blueberries.

4 kommenttia:

  1. I'd love to hear more about the almond paste! How is it made?


  2. Wonderful blog you have. The recipes and photos are real gourmet!

    Okriina/Kahvila Vegaani

  3. Oh my, really beautiful tartlets!

  4. Elina: I made the almond paste simply by grinding almonds (no need to peel them) with blender, added some soymilk to form a paste. Seasoned it with sugar and vanilla. Like a lighter version of marzipan, really.

    Okriina: Thank you!

    Yaelian: Thank you, they came out fine!