couscous salad and summer light

This summer I shared a long train trip with Q, railing through Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands to France. We stayed in Paris for couple of days and then traveled on to the south of France. In addition to visiting the house of Q's mother's friends we went to Montpelier and spend few very hot days there. Luckily we found excellent couscous salad from the nearby store, and bought it about three times. At home I wanted to try something similar, so I simply added some dates and fresh, sliced vegetables to cooked couscous mixed with some olive oil. Slightly steamed broccoli, raw bell pepper and spring onion worked fine, but this is the sort of salad you can make with almost anything you have in the fridge. Feel free to add nuts or beans, season with salt, freshly ground pepper, a pinch of cumin and good quality olive oil.
Images depicting the light and shade of the summer were taken in the Helsinki Botanical garden.

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