tiramisu cake

An old fried of my mother's visited my parents place and left behind a bottle of almond liquorice. It had to be used, so I finally had a change to try vegan tiramisu. The cake base dough is fat free, the filling is made of soy cream cheese, yogurt and sugar. Moistened with extra strong coffee and almond liquorice. I should have drizzled up the cakes with the liquorice even more, this time they were a bit dry. Next time I could also try and make them triangular, so the recipe shall wait to the time when this cake is perfect.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Anonyymi7/8/09

    I really like your attitude towards vegan food! I have been looking for a blog that would have a high cuisine vegan cooking twist, but how amazed I am that I actually find one that is Finnish too! Beautiful.

  2. Thank you very much! I'm somewhat ambitious in everything I do, so why not food too? It tastes better when it looks good and I always like to try innovative things...Stay tuned, more is coming soon..

  3. They look absolutely stunning!