piece of strawberry cake

About a month ago I was griddling aubergine slices at a family meeting in which Q had made the menu of exquisite tastes. In the busyness of the serving we didn't have a change to photograph the main courses, but literal description should give some inspiration as well.

For starters herb salad with pecan nuts and dried cranberries was served, accompanied by toasted bread sprinkled with citron olive oil. Chilled vichychoisse arrived at the table at the same time. Both dishes were served from simple drinking glasses. Main course was a creamy chantarelle risotto in a pool of well simmered tomato sauce with roasted aubergines on top. As a dessert, individual shortcakes with either strawberry or blueberry filling. For drink there was both white and red wine, mineral water and coffee or tea with the dessert. The sauce made of fresh ripe tomatoes was especially tasty, thanks to the hours of gentle simmering on the stove. The risotto made the main course well filling, and the cakes absolutely satisfied all sweet teeth.

On the following morning we photographed the few cakes that were left.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Thank you darling. The meal sure was a pure succes and I was really glad to have you helping me out with all the nibbling.

    You forgot the starter soups from your list :)

    I really should do a post of this menu, remake the dishes and photograph them some day soon....

  2. Thanks! Was there really a soup too? Oh yeah right, the vichyssoise! And yeap, you should remake the menu and have a photoshoot, it would be good...