beetroot passion cake

October is the time for root vegetables. Carrots are best raw, parsnip is fantastic roasted in salads, but I was somewhat suspicious about beetroot. It colours everything deep crimson, and while is looks good in some foods I wasn't too keen on getting my teeth all red. I then recalled a recipe by Jamie Oliver, where he used beetroots instead of carrots in a coffee cake, and made my own version and recipe of it.
This is a rather simple and affordable cake, spiked up with a dash of dry sherry and the syrup-like strong taste of raw cane sugar. The hardest part is to wait until it cools off, but resist the temptation as the cake is easier to cut and less crumbly when it has set a little.

Beetroot passion cake

175 g raw granulated cane sugar
170 g neutral-flavoured oil

2 tbsp cornmeal (I used full corn)
2 tbsp soy flour
80 g water

275 g wheat flour
1 tsp vanilla sugar
2 tsp baking powder
dash of salt
1 tsp ground bitter orange peel

3 tbsp dry sherry
3 tbsp light soy cream or soy milk

some 100 g fresh beetroot

Peel the beetroots and grate them coarsely. Rinse with cold water in a colander to wash out excess juice.
Beat the sugar and oil in a bowl to form a slight foam. Mix together cornmeal, soy flour and water. Add this into the sugar-oil-mixture still beating, beat until the mixture is even and has a delicate shine.

In a separate bowl, shift together flours, vanilla, baking powder, salt and bitter orange peel.
Shift carefully into the sugar mixture and blend with a spatula. Add the sherry and soy cream and mix smooth. Try not to knead the batter, just quickly mix it through. Last, quickly mix in the beetroot grate. Pour the batter in a rectangular 10cmX30cm (4X12) tin lined with baking paper and bake in 350F or 180 degrees Celsius about 40-50 min, or until golden. Let cool well before cutting and serving. To add a divine finishing touch, prepare a frosting by blending some 200g plain tofutti, 100g powdered sugar and some finely grated blue style sheese, pour on the cake and let set in a fridge before serving.

6 kommenttia:

  1. Beets are great in every way :) I have used them in chocolate cake before but this one looks nice, too.

  2. They are really, and made a tasty cake indeed. Do try this one, it's delicious.

  3. What a beatiful recipe again,

  4. If I didn't have too many recipes to test as it is I'd so bake this cake as soon as possible.

    Unluckily I have to try if savory cheesecake or other of my weird ideas really work :D But I can always sneak a bite from your cake, right?

  5. Do try it before the season for beets goes off, it's del.

    I think the savoury cheesecake will work fine, I have a hunch it will. (At least after few times of experimenting) I'll volunteer to taste it, too, and in exchange naturally hand you some sweet cake in return.