apples of the earth

New potatoes are one the utmost delicacies of summer. Boiled with sea salt, served with a curl of vegan butter on top or -like in this case -with whipped soy cream cheese.

New potatoes, about four for each diner
1-2 tsp Fine sea salt

For the foam and serving
Soy cream cheese
Soy milk
Salt and freshly grind black pepper according to the taste

1 Scallion stalk
Fresh herbs if available (basil, oregano, chive)

Boil carefully washed potatoes in salted water until they're soft yet still whole and firm, some 5 to ten minutes depending on the size. Be careful not to let them overcook. Pour out the water and place the kettle back to the stove for a moment to let the potatoes slightly dry.
Meanwhile, whisk some 100 grams of soy cream cheese and a bit of soy milk to a nice foam. Dice the scallion and chop large herbs into tiny shreds. Using large spoon, divide the foam onto semi-deep plates and add warm potatoes in the middle. Sprinkle herbs and scallion cubes on top of the portions and serve immediately. Delicious with simple green salad and fresh bread or just on own.

I prefer Tofutti cream cheeses. For this recipe I used the herbs and chives flavored one, but it's easy to season the plain cheese yourself if abundance of fresh herbs is available.