blueberry cupcakes

Basic cupcake recipe, added some blueberries and frosting. I wasn't exactly convinced about the taste and there should have been more flavour, the texture wasn't ideal either. Recipe follows when I've improved this to something more delectable and surprising.

sushi of harvest

Simple sushis in the subtle flavours of harvest. Plain inari pouches, maki sushi with radishes and tofu, sushi rolled up with steamed Milanese cabbage leaves.

coconut sorbet with rhubarb syrup

I had probably the best sorbet of my life in Montpelier this summer. The heat was staggering, bare walking made you swim in sweat and sun shone ruthlessly from the high light sky filled with swallows and their dry screams. Coconut sorbet from the supermarket's freezer melt in minutes, but it was heavenly, cold and soft at the same time. As if eating cold white silk.
Home in Finland the heat was gone, but the taste of coconut lingered on. I combined the velvety taste of coconut with sharp acid sweetness of the rhubarb, and I must admit the combo is quite tasty.

Coconut sorbet with rhubarb syrup

Coconut sorbet

400 ml coconut milk (I used light one with 6 % fat content)
About 2 dl sugar
1 dl unflavoured soy yogurt

I find that the coconut milk is best when it has settled in a fridge overnight with opened lid and thickened a little, but do as you find best. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and beat well. Taste, add sugar or seasonings such as vanilla or lemon or lime peel. Pour into a deep plastic or ceramic freeze proof container, freeze for few hours. When frozen through, mix strongly with a large sturdy fork to brake the surface and the frozen formation. Freeze again for about half an hour, mix again. Repeat the circulation of freezing and mixing until the structure is soft and sorbet-like. If you have an ice cream machine, use it according the instructions.

Scoop out balls after the sorbet has warmed up few minutes, serve with the rhubarb syrup.

Rhubarb syrup

4 dl cubed rhubarb
1 dl sugar
4 dl water
2 tbsp red grenadine

Measure all the ingredients except the grenadine in a kettle and bring to boil. Simmer on medium heat until the mixture thickens. Pour through a strainer and add grenadine, mix and let cool.