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I rarely buy items at ordinary shops. Shopping at recycling centers, flea markets and second hand shops is a win-win situation to both me and environment. I get storage jars, mugs and photoshoot props at reasonable prices, and lengthen their life cycle at the same time. I found these items at recycling center in Vantaa. The metal jars are perfect storage items for small loose brick a brack hanging around the house. I like the bold stripes of the mug, and the nostalgic cutesy style of the second box. The owl-shaped tins are weird and great.



The tie with a nice weave pattern will be transformed into a bow tie or hair bow.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oooh I adore your boxes. I'm a fan of vintage cookie jars and coffee boxes too. I've hoarded my grandmother's and now I have small but decent collection of those.

    ps: I love the style of your blog and photographs, but I'm not a fan of pop-ups and useless word verifications. Maybe you could re-consider those?

  2. I love 'em too. The graphics in especially very old boxes are really neat.
    And thanks for the critique! I think I need to get rid of the word verification, it can be very annoying to the commenter. And the pop ups too.