birthday cake

I have my birthday in November. This year's cake was plain almond scented one with apple marmalade filling, decorated with liquorice strands, toasted almonds and black candies. I had a hard time deciding about the deco. I like sort of gothic or darky style things for myself, but with a more organic or pagan touch. I'd just love to dump rusty metal pieces and molten leaves for the sheer look and texture, but ahem then again I like to eat cake as well as look it. I know there's rusty-looking chocolate tools availabe, but don't know if they're veg. They would make a great topping.

We enjoyed the cake after some salad with oven roasted thyme butternut squash, and shilled Rosé. It's such a pity I didn't make the time to eat artichokes this fall! But they look so good as table decoration too.

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  1. How beautiful! Happy birthday! :)