chickpea, strawberry and wild herb salad

Oh I've totally neglected food-blogging for a long while. Sorry about that. I've not been making anything interesting food-wise, thought.

Summer came as it always does. I visited Tampere this weekend with my mom, and we ate at restaurant C. More about the restaurant later (it was great!), now a quick post about wild herbs. C used deep dried nettle leaves, wild chervil flowers and pansies to garnish their dishes. I was inspired and decided finally to try wild herbs in cooking. Foraging and wild herbs have been bubbling under couple of years, and it seems it's finally hitting people big time. Maybe, probably it'll never be a megatrend, but it's great people are interested in the origins of their food and are finding new ways of purchasing greens and veggies locally. Maybe hunting of all kind will increase as this trend evolves.

I've always loved gathering mushrooms and berries. As a kid I've snatched a wood-sorrel leaf here and a dandelion petal there, but this was the first time I really foraged. So I started easy and picked some simple wasteland and forest herbs to garnish a strawberry, spring onion and chickpea salad.