strawberry cherry tomato cake

Time goes way too fast. Summer just started, and now it's pretty much gone again. September, hello. Clouds rolling in and all. Dandelion puffs in the air, cooling nights, the scent of rain and apples, fresh peas and salads, glimmering colours in the market place. Salad stems scent like water lilies, tomatoes like greenhouses and sunshine. All colours shine. I've lived it all, breathed it in. It's not gone, it's in memory and heart. Well. Devoured, enjoyed. Longed.

It's been somehow busy, even I've worked quite few hours. I moved in the beginning of July, and settling in took its time (as it always seems to do). There was the stress of finding a new apartment (we broke up with my partner), and obviously stress about living alone again, and all that jazz of breaking up.

Anyway, I'd decided to bake a strawberry cake. It was one of my must-dos this summer. Should be every summer, cos come on people strawberries in the winter. Eew. Summer+Berries=Love.