orange cupcakes

Cold air and frost make me want to bake all day. No oven, so no baking from the comfort and ease of home. Muffins. Yummy with whiskey cocoa. The recipe is a relaxed one too. Mix together dry ingredients, add liquids, stir and that's it. The most challenging part is grating and juicing the orange. And leaving some muffins untouched for photography.

The recipe is modified from a Chocohili Orange cupcake recipe! It's great. Here it's just a bit different. I added almond flour to the batter and increased the amount of orange juice. Almond flour adds taste and maybe some softness to the texture.

beetroot quinoa salad

Quinoa is funny grain-like crop. It has a nutty texture and some bitterness prevails even you try to soak it or rinse it before cooking. Adding some dark sugar to salad dressings cuts down the bitter taste. Nice change from couscous. Small beetroots are sweet to marinade! They taste great raw just as well as cooked. Add beetroot slices last to the salad unless you fancy it being all purple pinkish. Nothing wrong with that either!