eat fruit cake, sleep long

Whoo Christmas is ahead in couple of days time! If we all survive the awaited and scheduled oncoming end-of-the-world, that is. Then another new year. Time goes so fast, I don't even. Instead, made some fruit cake to chill in the fridge few weeks ago. Also some shots of my holiday decorated flat. I'm keeping things simple, white is great, wood is great, some additional bling is also good.

Have a great break from work and enjoy the peaceful quiet or happy loud times.

birthday cake

I have my birthday in November. This year's cake was plain almond scented one with apple marmalade filling, decorated with liquorice strands, toasted almonds and black candies. I had a hard time deciding about the deco. I like sort of gothic or darky style things for myself, but with a more organic or pagan touch. I'd just love to dump rusty metal pieces and molten leaves for the sheer look and texture, but ahem then again I like to eat cake as well as look it. I know there's rusty-looking chocolate tools availabe, but don't know if they're veg. They would make a great topping.